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    Up until 1901 Australia was a series of independent colonies under the flag of England. In 1901 Australia became a federation of Six states and two territories.

    All though that made us a country what actually defined us as a country was the attack at Gallipoli , a half a world away in the Dardanelles , right on Turkey’s doorstep.

    Although Gallipoli was a disaster from the get go it was the first time in Australia’s history we had engaged an enemy as AUSTRALIANS, not as soldiers from a colonial state, not as a British contingent, or had soldiers who acted directly under British officers.

    To remember and honour the sacrifices of the first Aussie troops ( and kiwis) a medallion was stuck for schoolchildren to remember this event, a significant and defining moment in our history.

    25th April , ANZAC day is our memorial day (not Nov 11) and we remember the ANZAC’s who have fallen in all conflicts from WW1 onward. (ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corp)
    ANZAC – Australian schools medal 1916.png
    ANZAC – Australian schools medal 1916 obv.png

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