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    Me again, this time with the DSC #643

    Are the listed in the Gleim letters ? (I still don’t purchased them). Is there an online library ?

    Merry Christhmas to all.

    jb floyd

    DSC #643 was awarded to French Captain Pierre H. Hendrick, attached to the 1st Infantry Brigade, US 1st Division.

    At Coullemelle Ferme and at Berzy-le-Sec, south of Soissons, France, July 20-21, 1918:

    He gallantly crossed a zone under heavy fire to verify liaison with adjoining French troops, and during the attack on Berzy-le-Sec showed extraordinary heroism by his fearless exposure under heavy machine gun and artillery fire. (War Department General Orders 100, 1918)

    In Al Gleim’s Planchet Press series, he published a three-volume set by gary A. Mitchell entitled "For Valor: Distinguished Service Cross issues 1918-1925", which has the numerical roll. A government publication, "American Decorations, 1862-1926" has the full citations for the Medal of Honor, DSC and DSM. This latter work was reprinted by Naval and Military Press in the UK.


    Thanks a lot Jeff !!!

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