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    Hello all,

    I recently moved and had to come up with a replacement value for my collection of (mostly) Austro-Hungarian awards. That led me to thinking that I should probably get the collection insured. My new insurance agent tells me that the insurance company insists upon a ‘professional’ appraisal and has recommended someone who specializes in antiques and collectibles. I know nothing about the recommended person but it got me to wondering what exactly does one look for when having a collection appraised? I thought I did a pretty decent job in arriving at replacement values but then again I am probably biased. My collection is on-line here: http://www.static-lift.net/2011/11/meda … poses.html

    Any suggestions?



    jb floyd

    Since there are few, if any, appraisers certified in orders, decorations and medals, your first step should be to ask your insurer what they will accept as a "professional" appraisal if not done by their recommended appraiser. You might also ask their recommended appraiser what his/her expertise is in the ODM field and how they will determine value.

    A general "antiques and collectibles" appraiser can do the job, but don’t expect precision or today’s market values (unless similar items have recently sold on eBay or are listed in ArtFact). My experience is that almost any appraiser can write up the report and sign it, but they will ask the owner for a full technical description and "estimated" values. In essence, you write the report and the appraiser signs it.


    Thanks. That’s pretty much what I guessed would happen with a general personal property appraisal.


    Depending on the value of your collection and the importance you attach to having it appraised correctly, you may want to consider this:


    I am sure other major houses will also be able to quote you for such a service if you want to go that route.


    john f.

    These guys http://www.collectinsure.com (Collectibles Insurance Services) are pretty easy to work with and require no appraisal of your collection. I’ve used them for years with no issue but then again I never filed a claim.


    Some years ago I wanted to have my collection insured. The insurance company said they wanted an appraiser to look at it but could find no one with medal expertise. After some weeks they came back and said it could not be insured because everyone they asked said the only person in the area who was knowledgible enough to appraise it was…..Me! They would not take my word for what it was worth. So…no insurance.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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