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    bill dienna


    I recently came into possession of a number of pieces of militaria, only some of which I plan to keep. I’m trying to obtain information about those other items that are outside my areas of knowledge before I do anything with them.

    So here I am with this piece to ask for your help. First, have I described it correctly as the sash of the degree of Knight Grand Cross?

    The badge and sash are definitely older, but I’m wondering if there is any way to determine when this piece might date from? I have given threads from the sash the "burn test" and the result was comlpete incineration of the threads with no residue.

    The badge is bronze gilt, with the gilt having become either worn or having toned to a dark color. As I measure the badge with a tape measure, it is about 5.1 cm long by 4.6 cm wide.

    I can find no maker mark on it at all, but it has beautiful detail in all respects.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    This would be indeed the Grand Cross of the Order; the highest grade. Yet, there are unfortunately fakes and one need to be extremely careful. Show us the others, please!


    Can I ask why is this a fake? Where can u see this?


    This is the Type 1 Civil version, awarded 1836-1901.

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