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    fred j borgmann

    An Unusual Badge


    With  Memorial Day fast approaching  this badge is very timely.  Presentation badges are normally given on retirement or some other anniversary date to members of police and fire departments.  In this case we have a Milwaukee Fire Department small size (25.5×34.3 mm) sterling silver private purchase badge.  These badges without any engraving on the reverse were usually off duty wallet badges.  With engraving on the reverse they are usually retirement or anniversary badges. This one is a bit different as indicated by the engraving, “GEORGE L. McDONALD FROM ENG. 21 IN COMMEMORATION OF YOUR ENTEPING IN THE ARMED FORCES DEC.13-’43.”  The spelling error “ENTEPING” was an engraver’s typo.     Lt. McDonald joined the MFD 3-1-1933 and retired 2-17- 1964.  Based on these dates, we know he served during WWII and returned to resume his fire fighting career after the war.  I think it takes a special kind of person to give up a job in which he was safe from military service in order to volunteer for active military duty in time of war.

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    jb floyd

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fire fighters badge with an inscription relating to his military service.  A very interesting piece.

    fred j borgmann

    Thanks Jeff

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