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    Frank Blazich

    Greetings All,

    I am currently assembling a database of all American Expeditionary Forces recipients of the Montenegrin Order of (Prince) Danilo I. A total of 125 U.S. Army and 2 U.S. Marine Corps personnel received the order. Right now I have around 90 U.S. Army and one of the two Marine recipients, along with a number of American Red Cross recipients. Thanks to COVID, my work is all done using open sources available on the web, but my hope is to try and flesh out the complete list which I’m happy to share once complete.

    I’m also working on Canadian recipients. There are eight members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force/Canadian Militia listed as recipients. I’ve located six with published orders, but have identified ten in total.

    In terms of AEF recipients, these are the names identified thus far, although I am not 100% sure on all of them.

    Henry Tureman Allen

    Edward Christopher Allworth

    Harry Hill Bandholtz

    Joseph Warren Barker

    Alfred Ilko Barton

    Marion Somerville Battle

    Max Bernstein

    Edward Bowditch, Jr.

    Lewis Hyde Brereton

    Mervyn Chaudos Buckey

    Arthur Dryhurst Budd

    Richard Coke Burleson

    Edward Solomon Butler

    Donald Marshall Call

    James Eugene Chaney

    Charles Brooks Cleary

    Sydney Amos Cloman

    George Coggill

    Francis Thompson Colby

    Robert Courtney Davis

    John Walker Downer

    Russell Symonds Fisher

    Charles Wellington Furlong

    Marshall Haddock, Jr.

    Charles H. Halliday

    James Guthrie Harbord

    George Herbert Harries

    William Wright Harts

    Lucius Roy Holbrook

    Otto Holstein II

    William Edward Horton

    Edgar Erskine Hume

    Charles Gordon Hutchinson

    Hugh Alwyn Inness-Brown

    John Coleman Jennings

    Wait Chatterton Johnson

    Arthur Wellesley Kipling

    John Thornton Knight

    Charles Jean LaMarre

    Frank La Rue

    Edward Mann Lewis

    Thomas Clement Lonergan

    James Taber Loree

    George Francis Lyon

    Lloyd Burns Magruder

    George Henry Mallon

    James William McAndrew

    Frank Ross McCoy

    James Alexander McCrea

    James Howard McHenry

    George Gibson McMurtry

    John L. McSweeney

    Louis Wardlaw Miles

    Alexander Macomb Miller, Jr.

    Thomas Edward Morris

    James Buell Munn

    Charles William Paddock

    James Thomas Pearson

    John Joseph Pershing

    Albert Pongratz

    Gustave Porges

    Edward Alexander Powell

    John George Quekemeyer

    Vittorio Racca

    Norman Foster Ramsey, Sr.

    Harry Frederick Rethers

    George Seanor Robb

    Archibald Bulloch Roosevelt

    Kermit Roosevelt

    Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.

    John Mills Sawyer

    Robert Ingalls Simpson

    Franklin Hammil Stafford

    James Gordon Steese

    Grover Cleveland Stout

    Charles Pelot Summerall

    Edward Augustus Teschner

    John Robert Thomas, Jr.

    Howard Thamer Torkelson

    James Alexander Ulio

    Francis Bowen Upham

    Edwin Martin Watson

    Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson

    Franklin Langley Whitley

    Henry Howard Whitney

    Charles White Whittlesey

    Cornelius Wendell Wickersham

    John Beugnot Wogan

    Samuel Woodfill

    Arthur Wolcott Yates

    Alvin Cullum York



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