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    doc riley

    I can’t remember where I got these documents. The documents area summary from a Soviet Commission Investigating the atrocities committed by the Germans in the villages of:
    1. Grimankausty
    2. Chepeleutsy
    and the Town of:
    Document 4
    1945 March 28 town of Brichany
    We the undersigned commission Brichanskogo raion, Beltsskogo district, Moldavskoi
    SSR, to establish and investigate heinous german-fascist invaders and their collaborators:
    1. Chairman- Severin Aleksei
    2. Member of commission- Berezikov Vasilii Nikolaevich
    3. Member of commission- Miroshnichenko Ivan Antonovich
    4. Member of commission- Nikitin Sergei Mikailovich
    5. Member of commission- Cherpoivanov Ivan Terentyevich
    6. Member of commission- Kharchenko Pavel Iosifovich and
    7. Member of commission- Doctor Shvarts Yekhskel Khaimovich
    Compiled the following documents:
    In period from 20th till 28th March, 1945, and also including material from 1944
    commission statement, report, and surveyed crimes of German-fascist invaders and
    their accomplices and established:
    That German-fascists invaders and their accomplices in town of Brichany and also in
    Brichany raion during period of temporary occupation from 1941 to 1944 carried out
    mass murder, execution by firing squad, plundered, and brutalized the peaceful Jewish
    In the following locations were found number of individuals in common graves.
    1. In village of Grimankautsy- I grave
    2. In village of Chepeleutsy- 4 graves
    3. In town of Brichany- 1 grave
    a). village of Grimankautsy
    In center village of Grimankautsy northeast 800 meters from rural district on estate of
    citizen Shmatok Nikolai Stepanovich was discovered one grave within 5 meters of river.
    Grave was excavated and uncovered remains of 9 males. All were found in prone and
    disorderly positions. 7 bodies were found to be missing clothes and shoes. The 2
    remaining bodies were clothed but were missing their shoes.
    It was determine through an examination that all were executed by firing squad. Traces
    of blood were found on the skull and that they were executed by shot to the head.

    PAGE tWO

    b). village of Chepeleutsy
    1. Opening grave No.1 located near Chepeleutsy found buried 33 individuals. All
    bodies found in pit in disorderly positions. Due to level of decomposition
    identification not possible. All executed by firing squad. Findings of this
    excavations determined that the remains were of men and women, old men and
    2. Opening grave No.2 on western side of village of Chepeleutsy within 1.5
    kilometers of village in field discovered remains of 98 individuals executed by
    firing squad or tortured to death. Remains determined to be men and women, old
    men and children.
    3. Opening grave No.3 found on western side of village ofChepeleutsy within 1200
    meters of village found remains of 52 individuals executed by firing squad.
    Remains determined to be men and women, old men and children.
    4. Opening grave No.4 located in east section of village ofChepeleutsy near water
    mill found remains of 6 individuals.
    In all ( 189 ) – One hundred eighty nine individuals
    In town of Brichany remains were found of 47 individuals who were tortured to death or
    executed by firing squad. Remains determined to be men and women, old men and
    children all located within common grave on southeastern outskirts of town. Since the
    time of occupation by Romanians a road and embankment with a height of 4 meters has
    been constructed over the grave making excavation impossible ..
    In addition to above list of those tortured to death or executed by firing squad are the
    following found in other locations:
    a). village of Trebisoutsy- 1 individual
    b). village of Korestoutsy- 2 individuals
    c). village of Karakushany- 2 individuals
    d). village of Bolboka- 1 individual
    In all (251)- Two hundred fifty one individuals
    Besides above mentioned individuals tortured to death and executed by firing squad are
    the following citizens from Brichany raion sent to concentration camps.
    1. From town of Brichany- 8500 individuals
    2. From village of Chepeleutsy- 310 individuals
    3. From village of Trebisoutsy- 50 individuals
    4. From village of Bolboka- 40 individuals
    5. From village of Grimankatsy- 42 individuals
    6. From village of Korestoutsy- 36 individuals
    7. From village of Karakushany- 72 individuals
    In all 9050 individuals

    PAGE THREE (Final Page)

    Out of above total, 1500 individuals returned after they were released. The other
    7550 individuals were either tortured the death, executed by firing squad, died during
    epidemic or were lost in action.
    The following is list of individuals responsible for heinous acts during German-
    Romanian occupation:
    1. Pasku- Major General, Commander of 7th Calvary regiment Romanian army.
    2. Major (name not established) subordinate commander in regiment
    3. Dudets- Head of Romanian police in town of Brichany
    4. Putaniko- Head of Romanian police
    5. Kreshan- Section head Romanian police
    6. Lupan Petr Grigoryevich- village of Chepeleutsy
    7. Unguryan Vasilii Pavlovich- village of Grimankautsy
    Chairman of commission ( signature)
    Member 1. ( signature)
    2. ( signature)
    3. ( signature)
    4. ( signature)
    5. ( signature)
    6. ( signature)

    :D Doc
    German War Crimes in Russia WWII0001.rtf

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    doc riley

    I plan on getting the Doctor on the Commission researched. That’s why I posted this.

    :D Doc

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