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    2014 is the 400th anniversary of the Danish army and thous the first danish army regiment; the Garderhusarregiment (GHR).
    Or in English; the Guard Hussar Regiment.
    For the military interested a bit of reading:
    PDF with a lot of fancy pictures. It’s a pamplet on being a conscript, written in english: (Right click and download, it’s 22 mb)
    http://forsvaret.dk/GHR/hesteskadronen/ … J%2010.pdf
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guard_Huss … Denmark%29

    Anyway, to celebrate the jubilee a medal have been born!
    Garderhusarregimentets 400 års erindringsmedalje / The Guard Hussar Regiment 400th Anniversary Medal.
    The medal have been approved by Queen Margrethe 2nd, BUT it may NOT be worn on uniforms like other medals, approved by the monarch! It’s a bit wierd, even by Danish standards (Bill, no comments please!). I’ll try to explain:
    In 2014 the medal may be worn at any army/GHR anniversary/celebratory events.
    After 2014 the medal may be worn at internal parades at the GHR or during the GHR/Army birthday.
    But not at any other parades or as a ribbon during day-to-day duty like normal Danish medals.

    Normally I add pictures, but the pictures I got I’ve been told only to use on my website, so I’ll have to refer to SkibDen.dk -> historic medals (No the medal isn’t historic yet, but in theory it is by 1.1.2015 and I’m to lazy to change it in a couple of months)


    Interesting, Sune. Thank you for sharing.


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