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    I have been offered a 9 clasp Military General Service medal awarded to Stephen Wilson of the 71st Foot for sale. DNW medal

    rolls match the 9 clasps on the offered medal, however thier provenance indicates Regimental Museum. I have emailed the HLI

    Museum twice but no reply. Can anyone provide information regarding Stephen Wilson’s 9 clasp MGS medal?

    Thanks for any information provided?

    Cheers, Jerry


    geoff reeves

    Hi Jerry,

    The DNW roll is the Foster roll, I believe. The Mullen roll doesn’t mention the museum at all – it just mentions that’ it’s ex the Murray collection and that Wilson appears on the Waterloo roll. A quick search of the updated extant list doesn’t show that his Waterloo has appeared on the market to date. The DNW website also mentions that his WO97 papers weren’t found – which means there won’t be a lot of biographical information about him.

    So, I’m afraid I can’t really answer much for you – just give you a bit more information…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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