Figure 1: Emperor Rudolph II Golden Grace Medal. Images courtesy of

Date Issued: Circa 1576-1608

Reason Issued: If the reason for issuing later medals which were similar to this medal can be taken as a guide, then this medal was issued as a reward for special merit in support of the emperor and his dynastic goals.

Classes or Types:  One

Interesting Facts: The word “grace” as used in the title of this medal had a different meaning when it was issued than it does today. Thus “grace” should be interpreted as “honor” thus this medal’s title is in today’s terms the Maximillian I Gold Honor Medal.

Hallmarks:  None Known

Design:  An oval medal with a loop suspension eye at the top.

Figure 2: Emperor Rudolph II Golden Grace Medal, obverse. Images courtesy of

Obverse: A bust of Rudolf II in armor wearing the collar of the Order of the Golden Fleece and with a laurel wreath in his hair facing slightly to the viewers right. Around the upper edge of the medal is inscribed RVDOLPH. II. ROM. IMP. S. AV. (Rudolf II Roman and Austrian Emperor)

Figure 3: Emperor Rudolph II Golden Grace Medal, reverse. Images courtesy of

Reverse: Inside a beaded rim is a scene of a god blowing on an eagle, standing on a rock, from a bank of clouds. Behind the eagle is the word CVI. And in front of the eagle are the words MILITAT AVSTER (My Austrian Military).

Weight: Unknown

Size: Unknown

Type of Material: Gold plated silver

Variations: None known

Designer: Unknown

Manufacturer: Unknown

Number Issued: Unknown

Case:  Unknown

Ribbon: Unknown

Attachments:  None

Miniature:  None known


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