Figure 1: Emperor Leopold I Silver Honor Medal. Image from the author’s archive.

Introduction: This medal: the Emperor Leopold I Silver Honor Medal (Kaiser Leopold I Silber Gnadenmedaille) was issued by Emperor Leopold I as a reward for special merit in support of the emperor and his dynastic goals

Date Issued: Circa 1658-1705

Classes or Types: One

Interesting Facts: The word Gnaden (Grace) as used in the name of this medal had a different meaning when it was issued than it does today. Thus “grace” should be interpreted as “honor” therefore the title in today’s terminology would be the Emperor Leopold I Silver Honor Medal

Hallmarks: None Known

Design: A round medal with an attached round suspension eye

Figure 2: Emperor Leopold I Silver Honor Medal, obverse. Image from the author’s archive.

Obverse: A bust of Emperor Leopold I facing to the right with long flowing hair with a victor’s wreath on his head and wearing armor. Around the upper portion of the medal is the inscription: LEOPOLD D.G. ROM. IMPERATOR (Leopold with the Grace of God Roman Emperor)

Figure 3: Emperor Leopold I: Silver Honor Medal, reverse. Image from the author’s archive.

Reverse: Inside a raised rim is an all-seeing eye beaming down on a crown scepter and sword held in two arms over a globe. Around the scene is inscribed in widely separated words: CONSILIO ET INDVSTRIE (Council and Industry)

Weight: 8 ducats (27.9 grams)

Size: 42 mm in diameter

Type of Material: Silver

Variations: Also issued as a table medal

Designer: Unknown

Manufacturer: Unknown

Number Issued: Unknown

Case: Unknown

Ribbon: Unknown

Attachments: None

Miniature: None known


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