Introduction: The Commemoration Medal for the Corps Artillery Regiment 8
(Erinnerungsmedaille für Seinem Korps artillerieregimente Nummer 8) was to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Emperor Franz Joseph’s appointment as Inhaber (Proprietor) of Corps Artillery Regiment 8.

Date Issued: February 18, 1904

Reason Issued: To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Emperor Franz Joseph’s command of the field howitzer Regiment Franz Joseph number 8 (previously designated the 1st Corps Artillery Regiment) as its Inhaber (Proprietor)

Classes or Types: One

Interesting Facts:

· There are 10 medals of this type which were issued to Austrian units in 1898 and this medal which was issued in 1904

· The Regiment was originally raised in Olomouc and Prague and later in Steirisch-Graz and Goriz.

Hallmarks: None Known

Figure 1: Commemoration Medal for His Corp Artillery Regiment No. 8, obverse. Image from the author’s archive.

Obverse: On a plain field is the bust of the young Emperor Franz Joseph I in the uniform of a Colonel, (regimental commander) facing to the right and wearing an overcoat. Around his neck can be seen the badge of the order of the Golden Fleece. Behind his neck is a small oval Habsburg coat of arms surmounted by the imperial crown. In front of the bust at chest height is the inscription FRANZ. JOSEPH I. On the lower edge of the medal is the name of the engraver, Breithut Fec (Peter Breithut)

Reverse:  A plain background in the center of which is an inscription in 6 lines: ERRINNERUNG AN DASINHABER-JUBILAUM D. K. u. K. KORPS-ARTIL-RGMT.KAISER No. 8 1894, SEPT. Translation: Commemorating the Inhaber Jubilee of the Imperial and Royal Corp Artillery Regiment Emperor Number 8, 1894 September.

Weight: Unknown

Size: 37 mm in diameter

Type of Material: Silver

Variations: None known

Designer: Peter Breithut

Manufacturer: The Vienna Hauptmunzamt (Mint)

Number Issued: Unknown

Order of Precedence: Not listed in the Order of Precedence

Case:  Unknown

Figure 2: Commemoration Medal for His Corp Artillery Regiment No. 8 ribbon. Image form author’s archive.

Ribbon:  This medal was suspended from crimson ribbon

Attachments: None

Miniature: None known


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  1. I have question about 3 medals of Franz Joseph visiting his main military harbour.Do you have something about those medals

    • Adria
      I do not have those medals in my publication. I usually don’t include visitation medals in my research unless they are clearly military related. If these visits were to military bases, I would be interested in doing research on them. If you will forward obverse and reverse images of these medals to me, I will look into them and if they are military related. I will research them and, in a week, or so I will let you know what I have been able to find related to them.

      Thank you for bringing them to my attention.


  2. I have found one medal last one that was made,need to negotiate purchase,from Austria,even Pula dont have as I know no medals. And Pula is a 3000 years old town,full of Museums and lot of Roman arhitekture,even got an coloseum wich is more preserved then one in Rome.Also question about medal Bosnia 1908,Commemorative Medal of Bosnia its not so rare I have buyed it and need to get it in few days. And medal 1910 visiting Bosnia I have its imposible to find her on internet I will put here pics of that medal of mine, I couldnt find one in better condition,if you can try,Kind regards,Adnan

    • Adria 1981
      As you know many medals were issued to commemorate the visit of the emperor. In order for a visitation medal to fit into my area of research it has to specifically commemorate his visit to a military facility on the occasion of a military event. For example, there are military maneuver medals issued to commemorate the emperor’s attendance at the maneuver. So, if you are aware of any medals celebrating the emperor’s attendance at Pula that were issued to commemorate a military related activity, I would be very interested. I will research the medal for which you sent me a picture and if it is for a military related activity and I can find any information related to it I will let you know within a week.


  3. Its on cyrillic letter writing and Latin also,Battle of Monpeletti with that Iam fascinated,the most awarded man from one brigade ever in history of AustroHungary,Bosniaken komen, Battle of Isonzo, that symphony being preformed nowdays at every bigger accosion of their army, Austrian not Bosniak, 60 and some more medals they have got in one day,the biggest victory in ww1 was that

    • Adria 1981
      As promised, I researched medals relate to Pula. First let me say that I looked at the medal for which you provided a picture and as best I can tell the medal was issued to celebrate the emperors visit to Pula but is not military related. I then researched military medals related to Pula and only found one. That is the 1877 medal commemorating the dedication of the Admiral Tegetthoff memorial which was erected in Pula. I will include this medal in my blog at some point in the future when its turn comes up. If you discover any medals that I am not aware of that appear to have a military connection to Pula, please let me know and I will research them and if they do prove to be military in nature, I will include them in the blog.


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