The Military Max Joseph Order and the Siegestor

Visitors to Munich may have the opportunity to pass by the Siegestor (Victory Arch) where Ludwigstraße meets Leopoldstraße during a journey through the city: Overhead view of the Siegestor.  What is not evident when viewing the Siegestor however is the connection of the Siegestor to the Military Max Joseph Order. The Siegestor

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Unfair Business

Most collectors are familiar with the so called:”Zimmermann hord” that surfaced during the 1990th. While moving debris in order to clean up the property of the former factory, medals and badges were found in the rubble of the grounds. Astonishingly, not only burned and melted badges and

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Medal Business – example Oldenburg

Oldenburg Capitular Grand Cross Badge Badge in Wear

A lesser know fact to most German collectors is that every German order had a “Kapitel”, basically a board of directors with secretary and treasurer to tend to the operative and administrative needs of the organization. Not all but a few states made this visible by handing

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Lieutenant-General Hermann Ritter von Speck

  Hermann Ritter von Speck was born on August 8, 1888 in München.  During the First World War he fought in various battles on the Western Front.   On September 7, 1914 at Gellenoncourt:   “Leutnant Speck, der Abteilungsadjutant der II./3. b. Feldartillerieregiments hatte bei einem Erkundungsritt festgstellt, daß

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A rare Star

MVO Grand Cross Star

The grand cross star of the Württemberg Military Merit Order is one of the rarest among the bravery decorations of the former German states. Initially crafted by court jeweler F. Steinam in Stuttgard the Grand Cross of this esteemed order was only awarded 71 times over its

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