Das besondere Stück

  Walter Kinast Karlsfeld Das besondere Stück   Eine seltene Variante der bayerischen Militär-Verdienst-Medaille des letzten Typs mit kleinem Brustbild In diesem Beitrag stelle ich eine wohl weitgehend unbekannte silberne Militär-Verdienst- Medaille des Typs 1.2a) vor, welche mit einem Typ 1.1c) leicht verwechselt werden kann (sh. hierzu

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Henry the Lion – The earliest Knight Cross

Brunswick Knight Cross Class, 1st Model, avers detail

Order decorations from their initial inauguration sometimes look different to what we commonly know. Most collectors have seen the examples that were made in-between 1870 and 1918. Example from the early 19th century are rarely encountered since most order decorations were returned  after the passing of a

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A Subtle Difference

Prussia Military Merit Cross Center

Differentiating orders, medals and decorations between their different classes and types is mostly easy. Different grades are distinguished by different sizes, more or less valuable materials or completely different designs. The following two crosses may be one of the few exceptions. Follow along and see for yourself:

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The Military Max Joseph Order and the Siegestor

Visitors to Munich may have the opportunity to pass by the Siegestor (Victory Arch) where Ludwigstraße meets Leopoldstraße during a journey through the city: Overhead view of the Siegestor.  What is not evident when viewing the Siegestor however is the connection of the Siegestor to the Military Max Joseph Order. The Siegestor

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Unfair Business

Most collectors are familiar with the so called:”Zimmermann hord” that surfaced during the 1990th. While moving debris in order to clean up the property of the former factory, medals and badges were found in the rubble of the grounds. Astonishingly, not only burned and melted badges and

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