Figure 1: Bosnia-Herzegovina Commemoration Medal. Image from the author’s archive

Introduction: This medal, the Bosnia-Herzegovina Commemoration Medal (Bosnisch-Hercegovinische Errinnerungsmedaille), was Awarded to commemorate the annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina into the Austrian Empire

Date Issued: August 30, 1909 (Awarded on October 5th, 1909, the anniversary of the incorporation of Bosnia-Herzegovina into the Austrian Empire)

Reason Issued: To commemorate the annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina into the Austrian Empire.

Classes or Types: One

Interesting Facts:

· This medal was issued to all persons on active duty with the military and civilian administration of Bosnia and Herzegovina on October 5, 1908. This included those officers, military officials, ensigns, and cadets who were on active duty with the 15th Army Corp on 5, October 1908, and those officials and employees of the Royal and Imperial Joint Finance Ministry and the Royal Hungarian Finance Ministry who supported the efforts in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the 5th of October 1908.

· This medal could be awarded to women

· This medal was also awarded as a table medal

Hallmarks: None

Design: A round medal with an attached wedge-shaped eye

Figure 2: Bosnia-Herzegovina Commemoration Medal obverse. Image from the author’s archive

Obverse: A bust of Emperor Franz Joseph I facing to the viewers right. Inscribed around the rim of the medal starting and ending at the six o’clock position is FRANC. IOS. I. D. G. IMP. AVSTR. REX BOH. ETC. ET. AP. REX HVNG. Translation: Franz Joseph I with the grace of God Emperor of Austria King of Bohemia etc. Apostolic King of Hungary. Below Franz Joseph’s bust is the name of the engraver, R. PLACHT. FEC.

Figure 3: Bosnia-Herzegovina Commemoration Medal Reverse. Image from the author’s archive

Reverse: Inside a slightly raised rim is the coat of arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina: a pebbled shield topped by a fleur-de-lis crown. On the shield is a mailed right arm extended from the body holding a Saracen sword.  To the right and left of the coat of arms are rectangular plaques surrounded by laurel boughs. On the left plaque is inscribed DIE V. OCT.  Translation, the 5th of October.  On the right plaque is inscribed MCMVIII (1908). Below the shield are the branches of a Laurel tree over which is imposed a curved scroll inscribed IN MEMORIAM (in commemoration).

Weight: 24.6 grams

Size:  35-36 mm in diameter and 2.5 mm thick

Type of Material: Bronze and gilded bronze


· Type I: A bronze medal as described above

· Type II: A gilded bronze medal as described above. These medals were of private manufacture.

Designer: Assistant Engraver of the Royal Mint Richard Placht

Manufacturer: The Vienna Hauptmunzamt (Mint) and the Hungarian Kremnitz Mint

Number Issued: 3,000 were manufactured and 2,800 issued, 17 to women.


  • Type I: A maroon simulated leather case with the imperial eagles on the lid.
  • Type II: A white cardboard case with an decorative line outlining the lid and a white cloth interior
  • Type III: A red cloth case with a black interior and a white silk inner lid with the maker’s logo in gold

Figure 6: Type I case exterior. Image from author’s archive

Figure 4: Type II case exterior. Image from author’s archive


Figure 5: Type II case interior. Image from author’s archive

Figure 7: Type III case interior. Image from author’s archive


Figure 8: Bosnia-Herzegovina Commemoration Medal ribbon. Image from the author’s archive.

Ribbon: A 40 mm wide half golden-yellow and half Ponceau-red ribbon (Poppy-red). The national colors of Bosnia and Herzegovina

· A rectangular ribbon for this medal was introduced on October 27, 1917.

Attachments: None

Figure 9: Bosnia-Herzegovina Commemoration Medal miniature. Image from the author’s archive

Miniature: Miniatures of this medal exist

Figure 10: Alois Lexa von Aehrenthal
Minister of Foreign Affairs wearing the Bosnia Herzegovina Commemoration Medal

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