After coming across a very unique Arts and Science medal, I was very much inclined to post it here as to tilt the scale of all German blogs to another type of decorations.

Honoring the Art and Science has a long tradition. From non wearable state awards to the Nobel Price to the Oscar – the list is long.

Every German state had a medal or decoration to publicly appreciate their scientists, singers or artists.

The one pictured below is from the very small principality of Reuss and initially existed in 2 classes. Identically in design only the color is different. The 2nd class is plain silver, the first class was awarded in gilt silver.

Reuss - Medal for Arts and Science 1st class avers

Fig 1: Reuss – Medal for Arts and Science 1st class avers on trifold ribbon

Reuss - Medal for Arts and Science 1st class reverse

Fig 2: Reuss – Medal for Arts and Science 1st class reverse on trifold ribbon

The cross was founded by Prince Heinrich XIV. of Reuß the younger linage on May 23, 1885. Bury and Leonard was the designer and maker of the cross. 1909 a medal and silver and gold was added and the the award was expanded to be awarded in both principalities – younger and older line – in 1912.

Unfortunately this is all I know about this decoration. Is anybody else out there that can enlighten us with more details? Maybe a picture of the decoration in wear?


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  1. Hello Medalnet,

    Thank you for sharing this fantastic piece with us. The ribbon although old, may not be the original, as per von Heyden the ribbon designated for this award was “rot mit schwarzen und gelben Seitstreifen” (“red with black and gold side stripes”). I can imagine that only a few of these gold grade crosses were awarded. Congratulations regarding this rare item!


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