Sometimes the story was around for ages: “Shipwreck of the Schooner, D. H. Ingraham

Sometimes an artifact linked to the story comes around:

Treasury Life Saving Silver av

Fig 1: Treasury Life Saving Silver avers

Treasury Life Saving Silver rv

Fig 2: Treasury Life Saving Silver revers


The reverse reads: ” To Somers C. Godfrey for gallantry aiding to save five men from the burning schooner D.H. INGRAM – December 4th, 1886″

Life Savings medal recipient Somers C. Godfrey with his colleagues

Fig 3: Life Savings medal recipient Somers C. Godfrey with his colleagues. Photo published by “Sun by the Sea”


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  1. Hello Andreas,

    Thank you for sharing this very interesting medal with us. I found an on-line article regarding the wreck of the D.H. Ingraham that has a photo of Somers Godfrey:

    Best regards,


  2. Very Cool. Great research!!!

  3. Here another example:

    Treasures from the Curator’s Desk…

    A Coast Guard Life Saving Medal

    Among the important objects on display at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum is a solid silver medal presented in 1943 to Robert C. Kennedy. Known as the Coast Guard Silver Life Saving Medal, the award is presented to a coastguardsman who performs a rescue or an attempted rescue.
    There are two versions of the medal created by an act of Congress in 1874, one being gold, the other silver. Gold is the highest recognition, silver is differentiated where circumstances do not sufficiently distinguish the individual to deserve the gold. Per the US Coast Guard, a recipient of the Gold Life Saving Medal has performed a rescue, or attempted rescue, at the risk of his or her own life, and demonstrated extreme and heroic daring.
    We do not know the particular act that Robert C. Kennedy performed during World War II to receive this medal but we are fortunate to be able to share it within our Coast Guard display.
    One of the most famous recipients of the Coast Guard Life Saving Medal was a woman. Ida Lewis (b.1842 – d.1911) grew up on Lime Rock Light, Rhode Island, a lighthouse maintained by the U.S. Lighthouse Service, which is now a part of the U.S Coast Guard. Beginning at age 15 Lewis helped her family tend the lighthouse. During her years there she saved 18 lives.

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