Figure 1: Army Homage Cross, obverse. Image from the author’s archive.

Date Issued: December 2, 1908

Reason Issued: Issued to Franz Joseph I by the leadership of the army as a sign of their homage and respect on the occasion of the 60th anniversary jubilee of his reign.

Classes or Types: One

Interesting Facts:

  • Personally presented by Archduke Franz Ferdinand d’Este as the heir to the throne
  • Presented on December 2nd 1908 in the throne room of the Vienna Hofburg
  • It is not known if the emperor ever wore this decoration. There are no known pictures of him with it on his uniform.
  • It is kept today at the Schatzkammer in Vienna (inventory number XI b 64)
  • Intended to be worn on the left side of the breast

Hallmarks: None known

Design: A clawed cross of the Leopold type with arms that widen towards the ends which are straight.

Figure 1: Army Homage Cross, obverse. Image from the author’s archive.


Obverse: A clawed cross which is partially enameled and decorated with diamonds and rubies. On the center of the cross is the year 1908 in diamonds on a red enamel background, which is enclosed by a platinum laurel wreath. The arms of the cross are also covered with diamonds.  On the upper arm of the cross rests a red filled diamond incrusted imperial crown the upper part of which extends beyond the end of the cross arm. Under this crown are two crossed, platinum swords, the hilts and guards of which are highlighted with rubies. Attached to the lower part of the horizontal arms of the cross and touching the edge of the lower cross arm is a raised inscription on a red enameled ribbon which forms a horizontal arc. It reads from left to right EXERCITUS UNIVERSUS (the entire armed force).

Figure 2: Army Homage Cross, reverse. Image from the author’s archive.


Reverse: A clawed cross with plain reverse and with a raised flat round central plaque. On the plaque is inscribed in eleven lines: FRANCISCO/JOSEPHO/I./IMPERATORI/REGI/ DOMINO/ NOSTRO/ HOC/FIDEI/PERPETUAE/SIGNUM (Translation: Franz Joseph I, Emperor, King, our Lord this Sign of Everlasting Loyalty).

Size: 79 mm including the crown by 66 mm.

Type of Material: Platinum, enamel, diamonds and rubies

Variations: None

Designer: Rudolf Marshal

Manufacturer: Rudolf Marshal

Number Issued:  One

Figure 3: Army Homage Cross, case. Image from the author’s archive.

Case:  A blue leather case with white plush fitted lower interior. The inside of the lid is lined with white silk.

Ribbon: None

Attachments: None

Miniature: None


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