Various seminars were held to its esteemed members during the 60th Annual Convention of our society in Houston, TX. Some of them were made available to those not being able to attend through life broadcast on our Facebook.

Michael Autengruber from the German auction house Kuenker was so kind to also leave us with the manuscript for his excellent paper on German fakes. We like to thank Kuenker and Michael Autengruber for being a long standing supporter to our society.

You can watch the seminar in video format on OMSA’s Facebook page here:

International Seminar – German Fakes

there is also a two part version on YouTube here:

International Seminar – German Fakes – Part I

International Seminar – German Fakes – Part II

The manuscript to follow along downloads here:

“An Overview on German “inspired” fakes and copies of insignia of orders of chivalry”

Please enjoy and don’t forget to attend our next convention in Orlando, FL, August 13 – 16, 2020.

Below you see template, the result, an example of one of the early crude fakes and the actual original.

template for fake

Fig 1.: Template that generated one of the early fakes. The rendering from the 18th century does not show the exact makeup of an original piece.


Fig 2: Hessian - Fake order "Pour la Vertu Militaire"

Fig 2: Hessian – Fake order “Pour la Vertu Militaire”


Fig 2: Hessia "Pour la Vertu Militaire"

Fig 3: Original example of a Hessian order “Pour la Vertu Militaire”

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  1. It was a great pleasure for me to have visited with my colleague Inja McClure the OMSA convention in the Woodlands near Houston. We both have been very heartly welcomend by the other members. It was a great pleasure that I was given the possibility to present to the audience my reflexions on German inspired fakes! Hope to see you again next year in Orlando!

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