US McCarter Medal Roll

The Roll

McCarter Medal for Resuscitation

The McCarter Medal for Resuscitation was established by Thomas N. McCarter, President of the Public Service Corporation of New Jersey, in 1924. It was awarded to employees of gas companies nationwide for saving a life using the Schafer Prone Pressure method of resuscitation for those affected by gas asphyxiation. The first type medal was designed by Julio Kilenyi, and bears a close resemblance to the design of the Insull Medal of the National Electric Light Association. It was redesigned in 1953 as the Schafer Medal fell into disuse, and redesigned again as a non-wearable award starting in 1962. The last award was in 1996. The American Gas Association maintains a manuscript roster of recipients, from which this database has been formed. Each award was listed by application number, and subsequent awards were intended to be represented by the award of a bar. However, there are some cases where a second medal was awarded instead of a bar, probably simply as an oversight.