US Insull Medal Roll

The Roll

Insull Medal for Resuscitation

The Insull Medal for Resuscitation of the National Electric Light Association was founded in 1922 to recognize employees of electric utilities who saved the lives of others using the Schaefer Prone Pressure method of resuscitation. They were awarded until early 1933, at which time the N.E.L.A. merged with the newly founded Edison Electric Institute. The medals were issued with the name of the recipient engraved on the reverse, but no other details. The information provided in this database – cities where these recipients worked, the utilities they worked for, and relevant dates - could prove helpful to collectors seeking to uncover the story behind the medal. The information here is derived from N.E.L.A. rolls published in 1930 and June 1932. Only one new application for award after that date is known; it is possible that there may have been a few others, but none have come to light.