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    Royal Navy Edward VII LSGC Medal Search

Baltic  Medal This database was originally compiled as an extants list from dealers catalogues and auction lists dating back to 1966 and then subsequently added too, as dealers and auctions went on line. After a lengthy investigation of individual service records, available on the National Archives website, additional recipients were identified even though their medals may not have survived to this day. In addition to identifying previously unknown recipients (i.e. those where the annotation “Traced Medal” indicated a date during the reign of Edward VII), other missing information was identified and added to make the roll more complete and easier to search (e.g. Service Numbers not present on the LSGC before 1905 have been added.) As of November 2022 this database contains 2428 entries of which 1811 have been identified as extant. A link to a post on the British Medal Forum has further information here. The roll has been compiled by Robert McMillin. Please send updates/questions to Rob:Rob