Royal Navy & Marine Long Service and Good Conduct 1831-1903 Roll Search

Updated: April 2024, 42 new medals, over 5600 medals, to include all extant Victorian engraved and impressed medals to 1903. This database, originally correlated and then published in 1991 by the late Kenneth Douglas-Morris in the book The Naval Long Service Medals, has been painstakingly recreated, updated and expanded during the last 25 years so that the current generation of medal collectors can learn and appreciate the historical significance of the service these men provided to Queen Victoria and the Royal Navy. It is being provided in a searchable web-based format, and will be continually updated as new extant medals appear in the marketplace or become known. Provenance, other medal entitlement, and date and place of birth will be added as a work in progress for the benefit of the genealogist or descendant of these medal recipients in addition to the medal collecting community. Link to a blog post explaining the research is availabe here.