Database of Recorded Waterloo Medals

Master of the Mint Waterloo Medal The Waterloo medal was the first medal to be issued by the British Government to all of the soldiers who had taken part in the great battles at Ligny, Quatre Bras and Waterloo. 37,638 medals were issued including 6,000 to the cavalry, 4,000 to the Guards, 16,000 to the infantry and 5,000 to the Artillery. The Kings German legion received 6,500 and 1,500 miscellaneous awards being given. The current survival rate of this medal is 16.5% of those issued.


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Survival Statistics

The Highest Survival Rates of Waterloo Medals
issued to Various Corps of the British Army

Unit Issued Noted %
British Cavalry
1st Life Guards
245 85 34.7%
British Line Infantry
51st Regiment
549 123 22.4%
Guards Regiments
2nd ColdStream Guards
1,003 159 15.9%
British Artillery
Royal Horse Artillery
1,380 233 16.9%
Kings German Legion Infantry
2nd Light Battalion
337 26 7.7%
Kings German Legion Cavalry
2nd Light Dragoons
424 32 7.5%
Kings German Legion Artillery
526 26 4.9%