Recorded Impressed Crimean Medals to the Royal Navy

Crimean Medal The general rule was that medals sent out to the Crimea were issued unnamed and those to be delivered to officers and men at home were to be officially named. A large order of medals from the Admiralty was placed with the mint in November 1855 and the medals were to be dispatched unnamed to the Crimea. At this time however, it was known that 5 ships would have left the war zone by the time the medals would arrive and preparations were put in place for them to be named and presented to the crews upon their arrival in England. Hunt & Roskell engraved the medals for H.M.S. ALBION and the Mint impressed medals created for the crews of NIGER, RODNEY, WASP and LONDON. A blog with more details is availabe here.


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Survival Statistics

Survival Statistics Jan 2019

Ship Issued Noted % % change since 1987
London 743 107 14.4% 94.5
Niger 187 20 10.7% 66.7%
Rodney 851 114 13.4% 86.9%
Wasp 180 31 17.2% 93.8%
Total 1961 272 13.9% 88.9%