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CGS 1899 Medal Authorized in 1899, this medal was issued to members of the Canadian and Imperial forces which had taken part in the suppression of the Fenian Raids and Riel’s First Rebellion. Approximately 17,000 medals were issued, the vast majority of which were to Canadians. It was awarded only to those who lived to claim the medal many decades after the events and the application period initially ending in 1907 was extended to 1928 resulting in almost 1,000 later issue medals. An excel spreadsheet download of the database is available here.


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List 1812 (December 2018). Initial list 2025 entries.

Survival Statistics

Survival Statistics

Clasp(s) Recorded
FR66 1,287
FR70 448
FR66, FR70 77
FR66, RR 18
FR70, RR 4
All Three 6