Mr. Boulton and his Naval Medals

  This blog will be a little bit different than my usual musings. I have just finished reading a new book by Sim Comfort, Matthew Boulton’s Naval Medals, it is a most interesting read, and I feel compelled to draw attention to it. Sim Comfort, an American

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Red Cross Merit Medals Part I

Introduction: This decoration is particularly interesting in that it could be awarded for two entirely different reasons. Those decorations issued with the addition of the war decoration were issued for meritorious service, in time of war, not warranting the award of the Red Cross Honor Decoration, second

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Applying Proof Marks

WW 938

The application of proof marks to orders, medals and decorations was in most cases mandatory and required by law. Proof marks were applied to decorations during the manufacturing process. However, were they applied before or after the enameling process? Most of us collectors know that some countries

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