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Order of the Holy Trinity, Knight

Added by: medal-medaille
Description: Circular gilt bronze and enamel order with the points of a cross flory, on integral imperial Ethiopian crown suspension; the face with a trilobe central medallion divided by a Trinity cross and bearing in enamels God the Father (top), God the Son (left) and God the Holy Spirit (right) encircled by a gilt ring with an Amharic inscription; the reverse plain and inscribed MAPPIN&WEBB Ltd; on original ribbon mounted for wear. The Order was established in five grades in 1930 by Emperor Haile Selassie I for his coronation and its award was initially to a very small group of the aristocracy, high-ranking churchmen and senior members of the Imperial Court. Later it was awarded for outstanding service to the Throne, both civil and military and was not restricted to Ethiopian citizens.
Date Added: 10-13-2006