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Researching Medal Recipients, Part 1: Free Materials from The British National Archives

Many British medal collectors are interested in researching not only the medal, but also the “man behind the medal.”  This is the first in a number of blogs which will discuss various materials available on line that may assist the collector in finding additional information on their

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Researching a Victorian Era Soldier

Private Joseph Sandland of the 1st Battalion, Cheshire Regiment While it is easy to look at the medals and the campaigns in which they were earned, research into the man behind the medal can be some of the most fascinating parts about our hobby. But where to start?

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Welcome to the Austro-Hungarian Blog

When I first started collecting the awards of the Austro-Hungarian Empire more than 50 years ago I could not find any reference materials on the subject to help in my collecting efforts. Imagine having no way of knowing, with any certainty, if an item was in fact

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