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Jeweled Austrian Awards Part III

Introduction: In the history of the Austro-Hungarian Empire there were 11 awards that were issued in jeweled versions. Seven of these awards were authorized by statute, three were awarded at the direction of the emperor even though there was no statutory provision for them and one was

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The “War Ribbon”, a Concise History

Introduction to the “war ribbon” In this blog I am going to discuss the history of one of the two most common ribbons used to suspend Austro-Hungarian orders and decorations. Early in my collecting experience I realized that two ribbons were used for multiple awards. One is

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Battle of Copenhagen 1801: Danish Medals

 The Battle of Copenhagen on April 2nd, 1801 is commemorated on the British side by a clasp to the Naval General Service Medal 1793-1840 (NGS), issued in 1849. It falls in the category of NGS clasps approved because a commissioned officer was promoted, as opposed to it

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