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Double Relief

During the Victorian era, there were many sieges, some small, some large, some lasting several days and others many months. Not all sieges resulted in medals or clasps to medals and the details of the defence or relief or a particular town or fort might best be

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A British Officer in the East India Company Army: Lt. Col. Bradshaw York Reilly

While my last blog entry looked at researching a British soldier, this entry will look at researching a British officer in the East India Company’s Army.   The medal group to this officer includes an Army of India medal, clasp Bhurtpoor, A Maharajapoor Star and a Sutlej medal

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Researching a Victorian Era Soldier

Private Joseph Sandland of the 1st Battalion, Cheshire Regiment While it is easy to look at the medals and the campaigns in which they were earned, research into the man behind the medal can be some of the most fascinating parts about our hobby. But where to start?

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Victorian Bronze campaign medals

When thinking of British campaign medals, especially Victorian campaign medals, the medal was typically issued in silver to the officers and other ranks. From 1885 until the First World War medals were issued in both silver and bronze. While the silver medals were issued to the combatants

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Indian Mutiny Medals to Scottish Regiments

I recently asked a collector what his next acquisition was likely to be. He responded with ” I would like an interesting Indian Mutiny medal  preferably in a group or with a LSGC, what would you recommend?”  I knew he liked medals to Scottish Regiments and thought

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