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Two men, same name, couldn’t be more different

Many collectors avoid medals to men named to Smith, Williams, Jones or other common surnames. The rationale being that it’s much easier to research medals to men with unusual names. I found myself being delighted recently when I discovered an unusual middle name  existed for William A.

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The man behind the menu holder

Many medal collectors look at curios made from medals and consider them to be defaced and the practice of converting them to jewelry, belt buckles or other artifacts to be sacrilegious. I find myself drawn to some of them as works of art and if the medal

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Egypt medals to the RN with clasp for Gemaizah 1888

The Egypt medal was issued with 13 clasps covering engagements from 1882-1889 and the Royal Navy and Royal Marines played a part throughout the prolonged conflicts and earned all but the Toski 1889 clasp as a result. In this series of blogs about Victorian medals to the

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The Battle of Tofrek

The Battle of Tofrek was one of many actions undertaken by the British forces against the Mahdist forces in the Sudan. Originally the objective had been to relieve General Gordon in Khartoum but by January 1885 that city had fallen to the Mahdi’s army and Gordon had

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Using the 1881 Census to help determine the correct Naval Service Record

One of the great resources available to collectors of Victorian campaign medals to the Navy rests in a quick, easy and cost effective way of obtaining a Service Record. The Service Record provides a wealth of information : Date of Birth Place of Birth Ships Served Changes

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