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Attributable Crimea medals with the Azoff clasp

A recent publication by OMRS entitled “By Order of her Majesty” co-authored by OMSA presenter and blogger William Pickering, deals at length with the manufacture and official naming of Crimea medals which at the time, presented a huge challenge for the Royal Mint and its subcontractors because

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Impressed Baltic Medals

The Baltic theatre of the Crimean War took place in the Gulf of Finland near St. Petersburg, the Russian capital. The medal was awarded for services in the Baltic under Admiral Napier and Rear Admiral Dundas. The reverse of the medal is particularly attractive in my opinion

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Crimean medals to the Royal Navy with impressed naming

The fact that most British medals are named to the recipient provides the collector with an opportunity to research “the man behind the medal” without any lingering doubts as to the authenticity and provenance of a medal in a collection. Sadly many Victorian medals to the Navy

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