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British Victory Medal 1914-1919 Part III: Statistics

In earlier blog’s (Part I and Part II) I’ve discussed evidence for the British Type I Victory Medal and the manner in which one could identify Type I Victory Medals. In those blogs it was established that by mid-1920 at least 33,190 Type I Victory Medals were

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The Victory Medal, 1914-1919: Part II

Since at least the 1990s the Medal Office of the Ministry of Defence has continually stated that they were no longer issuing/reissuing medals that were issued prior to World War II to original recipients or their next of kin, but in 2014 this policy was revised and

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The British Victory Medal, 1914-1919: Part I

Representatives of the Allies at the Paris Council in March 1919 approved the issuance by each member nation of a medal to commemorate the victory over the Central Powers.  The medal was to be in bronze with a mount and color similar to the French War Medal

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