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beloningspenning Palembang 1821
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jan faas

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Reward-medal for Palembang 1821

In the year 1816 the Netherlands got back the governance of the principality Palembang (Sumatra-Indonesia)from England who had taken it in 1811.
The ruling sultan at that moment was Najm-Edim, brother of the dethroned (1811 by England) sultan Mohammed Badr-Edim.

When Najm-Edim resisted the government by the Netherlands, the Dutch took at first some of his territory and later all of it and gave it back to his,mistrusted by the Dutch government, brother.
Najm-Edim was exiled to Batavia and taken prisoner.
The mistrust in Badr-Edim was not misplaced: in june 1819 he started an assault against the Dutch fort at Palembang, the Dutch were driven out and fled to Banca.
The first Dutch expedition to Palembang was a disaster, but the second one in june 1821 succeeded with great achievement.
A Duth fleet bombarded the coastline of Palembang and maneged to recapture the fortifications and took the sultan in captivity.
A son of Najm-Edim was installed as vassal to the Dutch king Willem I.

All marines and shipcrew were rewarded the "Beloningspenning"

The obverse showes the portrait of King Willem I and the text " WILH: NASS: BELG: REX:LUXEMB: M: DUX." meaning: Willem of Nassau, king of the Netherlands, grand-duke of Luxemburg.

The text on the reverse : "HOSTIUM MUNIMENTUS EXPUGNATIS, SATRAPE CAPTO, BELLO CONFECTO" meaning: The hostile works prevailed, the sultan imprisoned, the war ended.
At the lower side of the reverse: "AD PALEMBANG / D. XXIV JUNII MDCCCXXI"

The medal is made of silver and bronze and has a diameter of 41 mm.
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