Past British Seminars

Year Title Author(s)
2015 “The Great War Victory Medal to the British Army” Dick Flory
“The Value of Provenance” Jim Murray
“The Great War in East, West & S.W.Africa” Christopher Hill
2014 “The Highest VC – J.D. Grant” James Morton
“Odd Couples: Naval and Military General Service Pairs to the British Army” Geoff Reeves
“The Evolution of the Victoria Cross” Michael Naxton
2013  “Field Marshal Gomm-The Rest of the Story”  Chris Cawthorne
 “Benin 1897-The City of Blood”  Christopher Hill
2012  “Modern Commonwealth Medals and Orders A to Z”  Graeme McLeod
 “The Battle of Copenhagen: the Men and the Medals”  Peter Lomdahl
 “The Last of the European Subadars”  Mike Shaw
2011  “An Introduction to the Australian Honours and Awards System”  Graham Wilson
 “General Dyer, Nadir Khan and the Siege of Thal, 1919”  Paul Wood
 “Out of the Frozen Zone:  The Origins & Design of the British Arctic Medal 1818-1855”  Glenn Stein
 “The One on the End”  Jack Boddington
2010  God on Our Side: A Look at Medals to Men of the Cloth”  Philip Mussell
 “Pip, Squeak and Wilfred: A Synopsis  Dick Flory
 The Road to Kamakura: The Baldwin Family Tragedies  Chris Cawthorne
2009  “On the North-East Frontier: The Abor Campaign of 1911”  John W. Allgood
 “The Guelph – The Order with a Dual Personality”   Charles C. Freihofer
 “Recipients of the Order of the Bath and the NGS Medal 1793-1840”  Peter Lomdahl
2008  “The Army of the Indus & the Story of the Ghuznee Medal”  Geoff Reeves
 “British Animal Life Saving Medals”   James Hitch
 “Seringapatam – Eye of the Tiger”  Chris Cawthorne
2007 The Hong Kong Plague of 1894: The Medals, the Men and the Medicine  James A. Roller
 Gunners I Have Known: Medals to 20th Century Royal Artillery Officers  Richard Flory
 Distinguished Conduct Medals for Egypt and the Sudan”   John D. O’Malley
2006  “The Lester Watson Collection of of British Medals”   James Morton
 “Medallic Meanderings: The King’s Royal Rifle Corps”  Irv Mortenson
 “The Big Two in Lifesaving”   Jack Boddington
2005  “Some Aspects of the CMG”   Nathan Weiss
 “Trafalgar: the Nelson Touch”  Peter Lomdahl
 “Gallant Women”  Norman Gooding
2004  “Colonel Creighton, Colonel Montgomerie, Kim and the Pundits”  Mike Shaw
 “The Military General Service Medal (1793-1814)”  Chris Cawthorne
 “The Albert Medal – Britain’s Civilian Victoria Cross”  John O’Malley
2003  “Researching WWI British Officers Medals”   Dick Flory
 “British Army Service Corps and Predessors: 1808-1908”  James Hitch
 “The Poetry of Queen Victoria’s Medals”  Jack Boddington
2002  “Updates on Canadian Honors”  Vicken Koundakjian
 “Gallantry Awards to the Indian Police”  William Brown
 “The Naval General Service Medal 1793-1840”   Peter Lomdahl
2001  “Investitures”   John Tamplin and Norman Gooding
2000  “George Beans: Why We Collect”  Lee Bishop
 “Stars of the Order of the Bath”  Harry Bendorf
 “Waterloo Medals: An Update”   Chris Cawthorne
1999  “Awards to Britons in China”   David Mahoney
 “Medals of the Boxer Rebellion”  Peter Andressen
1998  “If the Price is Right”  Richard Davies
 “3 VC’s – Sailor Dog Soldier”  Ron Penhall
 “British Miniatures”  Marc Cline
1997  “The Waterloo Medal – Collecting a Classic”  Chris Cawthorne
 “Average Knights and Royal Garter”  James Risk
 “Canadian Awards: An Update”  Vicken Koundakjian
1996  “The Northwest Frontier”   Bob Copeland
 “The Lusitania”  Jack Boddington
 “The Impossible Adventure: The True Story of the African Queen”  Chris Hill
1995  “Victorian Distinguished Conduct Medals”  John O’Malley
 “Mr. Major’s Classless Society”   Norman Gooding
1994  “Naval Gallantry on Land”   Stewart McIntosh
 “60th Royal Rifles”  Irv Mortenson
 “World War I Tribute Medals”  Chris Webb
1993  “St. John of Jerusalem”  Norman Gooding
 “Police Gallantry Awards”  Bill Brown
 “John Brown: The Quiet Spy”  Ron Penhall
1992  “Knight of the Bath Stars”   Harry Bendorf
 “Bloody Benin”   Chris Hill
1991  “The Potomac”   Lee Bishop
 “Convoy 228”  George Brown
 “Canadian Award System”   Vicken Koundakjian
1990  “The Zulu Wars”  Stu Gruber
 “North American Campaigns”  Eugene Ursual
 “The Sotheby’s RAF Sale”  David Erskine Hill
1989  “Indian Title and Ranks”   Mike Shaw
 “The Guelph”  George Seymour
 “House of Spink”  Andrew Litherland
1988  “The Albert Medal”  John O’Malley
 “Medals of the Clan Campbell”  Les Campbell
 “Eccentrics”   Bill Fevyer



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