March-April 2019



Borch, Mr. Fred

Mr. Fred Borch

Dear Fellow OMSA members:



New OMSA Convention Exhibit Award. Your Board of Directors recently approved a new OMSA convention exhibit award, which will be presented for the first time in Houston this coming August.  The Award, which is being privately funded by a handful of OMSA members, is named in honor of our long-time JOMSA editor, Dick Flory. The new “Dick Flory Medal” will consist of a medal and a certificate and will be presented to the best United Kingdom or Commonwealth exhibit. As many of you know, Dick has collected medals to Royal Artillery officers for many years, and is passionate about researching recipients of British orders, decorations and medals. Additionally, no one has contributed more to OMSA over the years than Dick; our Journal is the best it has ever been because of his hard work and attention to detail. This means that naming the new exhibit award after Dick makes perfect sense.


For those of you who attend our annual Convention, and who exhibit, the new Dick Flory Medal will fill a gap that now exists. We have the privately-funded Gleim Award for the best United States medal exhibit, and the privately-funded Yasinisky Award for the best foreign (non-US, non-UK) medal exhibit. With the creation of this new medal, exhibits in every major medal category will be covered; in addition, of course, to the highly-coveted OMSA gold, silver and bronze awards.


If you are interested in helping fund it, please contact Vice President Bill Brown, who has overall responsibility for this new exhibit award.


Give a digital membership to a friend, colleague, fellow collector.  The digital membership is $19.95 and it is easy to sign someone up on www.omsa.orgor else contact our Secretary, Clyde Tinklepaugh [click here] for help on giving a membership to a deserving individual.


OMSA Convention in 2021. While we are set for Houston (August 15-18, 2019) and Orlando (August 13-16, 2020); it is not too early for your Board to begin working on 2021. Please contact Nathan Weiss or me if you are interested in hosting our convention in August 2021. We will help you – you will not be doing this by yourself.


New JOMSA advertising initiative. As a new way to support our loyal advertisers in the print and digital versions of the JOMSA, your Board has approved the placement of an icon for each advertiser on our website. Director Peter Lomdahl will work with all existing advertisers, and any future advertisers, to place that advertiser’s icon on The idea is that anyone visiting our website will be able to take him to the advertiser’s website. We have thousands and thousands of visitors to our website every year, so any and all advertisers will benefit from this new initiative. It does not cost anything extra to have your icon on our website; all one needs to do is take out at least a quarter-page advertisement in JOMSA. Our advertising sales manager, Bill Westlake, will be happy to help with any advertising issues. Bill may be reached by clicking here.


OMSA Membership Representative. We still need a representative for our Heartland and Northwest areas. Heartland covers: Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Texas. Northwest encompasses: Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. Please contact our Secretary, Clyde Tinklepaugh, Click Here to email Clyde , if you are interested in either position.


Deaths of Irv Mortenson and Charles Potter. An obituary for Irv appeared in the last JOMSA; Charles’ obituary is in this issue. Irv was an expert on the Kings Royal Rifle Corps and wrote extensively about medals to this famous regiment. As for Charles, he was best known for his incredible support of OMSA’s yearly convention auction. Both men were tremendous supporters of our Society and will be greatly missed.



Best wishes to all, Fred