OMSA President’s Message

March-April 2018

Borch, Mr. Fred

Mr. Fred Borch

Dear Fellow OMSA members:

Big News. Rep. Cook’s “no selling of Purple Hearts” legislation failed to get out of the House Judiciary Committee, so it will not become law. For those of you following this initiative, pushed the last few years by Representative Cook (R.-California) and Purple Hearts Reunited. Here is an update: Cook’s bill was referred to the House Judiciary Committee. It never made it out of committee and was not in the House version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that went to the Senate for a vote. This means that when President Trump signed the NDAA in mid-December 2017, there was no legislation banning the sale of Purple Hearts in the National Defense Appropriations Act. Bottom line: no change to existing law on buying, selling, or trading of Purple Hearts. This does not mean, however, that Representative Cook will not attempt to introduce this legislation in the future. But if his legislation failed to make it out of the House Judiciary Committee in 2017, then one or more Congressmen on that committee did not like Cook’s proposal; perhaps because it was a bad idea.


Remembering World War I: Honor Roll of American Expeditionary Force. OMSA member Scott Schoner is completing a 20-year project that will honor the men and women of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) who made the ultimate sacrifice during World War I. The listing of nearly 80,000 overseas war dead will span three volumes (1600 pages), and will be the first comprehensive record of its kind ever published. Scott’s books will publish the names of all the soldiers and marines who were fatalities, along with their units and dates of death. These volumes will be of great value to historians, genealogists, medal collectors and anyone interested in the American military experience in World War I. Contact Scott Schoner directly to learn more about this great research effort. Click here to email him.


New Advertisers. As I indicated in my last message, we are looking for new JOMSA advertisers and Director Chris Freihofer click here to email him is spearheading this initiative. The good news is that OMSA member Geoff Reeves (who resides in Canada) has agreed to solicit new advertisement from dealers who primarily sell British and Commonwealth orders, decorations and medals, with a focus on those residing in the United Kingdom and Canada. Please contact Geoff directly if you have any ideas or suggestions click here to email him.


Board mid-year meeting. Your board will meet in Denver on Saturday May 5. If you have any issues you would like us to examine, please contact our Secretary, Clyde Tinklepaugh click here to email 


OMSA award nominations. Recognition is important, and OMSA has a number of medals to reward achievement, merit and service to our Society. If you want to nominate any OMSA member for one of our awards, please contact our Awards Chairman, Larry Watson click here to email him. Any nominations should be given to Larry in time for your Board to act on them at our mid-year meeting.


OMSA 2018 Convention. We meet in Denver from August 9-12, 2018. Please mark the date on your calendars.




Best wishes to all, Fred


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