January-February 2019

Borch, Mr. Fred

Mr. Fred Borch

Dear Fellow OMSA members:



New Year, New JOMSA. We have a new design for our Journal. Working with our editor, Dick Flory, your Board decided that it was time to “freshen-up” our bi-monthly magazine. First you will notice the new cover design. Second, the font has been reduced very slightly (it is now the same font size as used by the Orders and Medals Research Society in its Journal). This smaller font size allows us to reduce the number of pages by four but retain the same amount of articles. We welcome your thoughts on the new JOMSA. Click here to email me.


Give a digital membership to a friend, colleague, fellow collector. While Christmas and Hanukkah are past us, it is not too late to give the gift of an OMSA membership. The digital membership is $19.95 and it is easy to sign someone up on www.omsa.org or Click Here to contact our Secretary, Clyde Tinklepaugh.


Board of Directors Mid-Year Meeting. Your officers and directors will be meeting in Washington, D.C. in early March. If you have any concerns that you want us to take up at our meeting, let me know. We welcome hearing from all members. If you want to nominate an OMSA member for a Society award, please let Larry Watson, our Awards Chairman, know prior to March so that we can vote on any nomination at that time. You can reach Larry by email (Click Here) or by mail at 2514 Louann Lane, Harlingen, Texas 8550-8421. Please send a courtesy copy of any nomination to our Secretary, Clyde Tinklepaugh.


2019 in Texas, 2020 in Florida. Remember the dates for our upcoming conventions; put them on your calendar now. August 15-18, 2019 in Houston (The Woodlands) and August 13-16, 2020 in Orlando.


XIIIth European Conference of Phaleristic Societies, Vienna, Austria, May 10-12, 2019. This annual conference will take place in Vienna. More information may be obtained by email from contact@ordenskund or at www.ordenskunde.at  The Deadline for registration is May 5, 2019.



Best wishes to all, Fred