Trafalgar Centenary Medal

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    Given the proud tradition of Royal Navy and Royal Australian Navy tradition I actually only have two pieces in my entire collection with a naval attachment to them.

    One is a pair of Royal Australian Navy submariners dolphins earned by my son the other is this unusual piece of kit.

    A commemorative centennial coin issued for the October 1905 remembrance of Trafalgar

    October 21st 1805 was turning point in Royal naval history and proved that England did rule the waves, but it was not without substantial cost.

    Arguably the highest price paid for the victory at Trafalgar was the death of the much loved and highly respected Admiral Lord nelson, a man of great courage and rare leadership.

    In 1905 the B.F.S.S. (British & Foreign Sailor’s Society) was instrumental in the program of events for the Nelson Centennial. 

    A fund was set up known as ‘The Nelson Centenary Memorial Fund’ and the King, who took a great interest in the Society, allowed his initials, E.R. VII, to be stamped on the souvenirs.

    The subscribers to the fund were able to acquire medals and badges, amongst other items, for the donations and collections.  The larger medals/badges were given for 5 shillings and upwards, the small Victory charm (16.5mm) to everyone sending 1 shilling (=5p) and upwards. Provision was also made for a Victory Shield (for £5. 5s., five guineas, now £5.25) for schools to award annually to a boy or girl for success.

    Copper was also used to make Nelson busts which were available for donations of £50. The remaining copper from H.M.S. FOUDROYANT was also acquired and used to provide HMS Victory souvenirs for the boys and girls of the Empire.

    This is a really nice piece and despite the variants of EKII’s ,veterans medals, victory medals and others this one usually creates the most discussion when viewed.
    Nelson centenary rev.png
    Nelson centenary.png

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