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    Hello Folks, I’ve scaled back my U.K. medal collecting lately as I was just getting way too diversified. I did keep all the groups I had, but just haven’t picked up any additions. However, I did obtain an interesting dual nationality medal group recently, & would like a little assistance in sorting it out. My primary collecting interest is any identified medal(s) & militaria related to the U.S. State of Rhode Island. The other day, I picked up a 3 piece marksmanship related group to a former member of the Rhode Island Militia, who served with them from 1905 until his retirement as a full Colonel in 1922. 2 of the medals are of the usual variety, named & dated variants of R.I. Militia Marksmanship awards. The 3rd medal is the one I’m seeking some help in identityfing. It’s named to: "Pvt. R. BAIN, 1884 – 1889", & is attributed to: "1st L.R.V. & H.M. Guard" From what I’ve been able to discern, it may be a type of shooting / marksmanship medal of the "1st Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers", a Scottish Militia unit. I’ve conducted a brief bit of research on ROBERT BAIN, & learned that he was born on 02 Sept. 1866 in Glasgow, a son of Robert & Mary (Craig) Bain. He emmigrated to the USA in 1889, & remained here until he passed away in 1946. If anyone has ANY information about either this Scottish award, and or Robert Bain, I would very much appreciated hearing from them. In addition to documenting the type & origin of this medal, I’m also interested in learning it’s current collector’s market value. Not for any other reason than I did pay somewhat high for the group !! ( Hopefully not way too high ? ) Oh well, I did want it, & it was an interesting group, sooo. Please note that I did try to include an image of it’s obv. & rev., but I didn’t have much luck. If anyone would like me to E-mail them some scans, please just ask. THANKS in advance for any & all replies.

    Best, Dom Pastore Jr. ( )
    Bain Photo-1.jpg
    Bain Photo-2.jpg
    Bain Photo-3.jpg

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