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    According to the Article 7 and 9 of the Law of Russian Federation “On export and import of cultural goods”, 15 April 1993, N 4804-1,

    Following cultural commodities are not subject to export from Russian Federation, and the Law applies to following categories of items :

    * Historical values, among them those connected with historical events in the life of the nation, the development of society and State, the history of science and technology, as well as those related to life and activity of outstanding personalities (state persons, political and public figures, scientists and artists)

    * Items and their fragments, obtained as a result of archaeological excavations

    * Artistic values, among them :

    * Paintings and drawings that are fully handmade, on any kind of warp, made of any kind of material;

    * Original sculptures made of any kind of material, including relieves;

    * Original artistic compositions and montages made of any kind of material;

    * Artistically mounted items of religious purpose, including icons;

    * Engravings, prints, lithographs and their original printing forms;

    * Works of arts and crafts, including works in glass, ceramics, wood, metal, ivory, fabric and other materials;

    * Works of traditional folk handicraft;

    * Components and fragments of monuments of architecture and historical monuments

    * Ancient books, editions of special interest (historical, artistic, scientific and literary), separately or in collections

    * Rare manuscripts and documentary relics

    * Archives, including photography, sound and film archives

    * Unique and rare musical instruments

    * Postal stamps, other philatelic materials, separately or in collections

    * Ancient coins, orders, medals, seals and other collected items

    * Rare collections and samples of flora and fauna, items of interest to the scientific fields of mineralogy, anatomy and palaeontology

    * Copies of historical, artistic, scientific or different value, as well as those under protection as historical and cultural relics. "


    Frank Dutil

    I have no idea if this Russian law has been changed or lessened in any way… I would however like to point out the very first word of this sentence: coins, orders, medals, seals and other collected items. Does it only refer to coins or does it refer to all items in the sentence? In that case, a concise definition of "ancient" might prove helpful.

    Russian dealers have stated (to me) that they can now export medals as long as they are less than 50 years old, maybe the government has actually defined "ancient" as less than 50 years. A definition that might slightly insult some of the membership of this forum… :roll: :lol: ;)

    I’ve searched but have found nothing in Russian government legal web sites as far as an amendment. Mind you, navigating those sites for a non native Russian speaker like me is quite difficult. The major Russian ODM auction sites now leave the decision to export or not to individual sellers which in itself, to me anyway, is a stunning move if the law is indeed as restrictive as previsouly thought.

    I have personally been dealing with Russian contacts and sellers for the past 3-4 years and have had great service enabling me to acquire well over 300 Soviet and Russian Federation pieces to date.

    If a definite official amendment or clarification to the law is found, I would greatly appreciate input in this thread.



    Russian dealers have stated (to me) that they can now export medals as long as they are less than 50 years old, (…)

    Hi Frank,

    Exactly what I have been told…




    doc riley

    It’s good to have an idea of what ODMs can be exported. However the "Ancient" defined as more than 50 years old raises a concern for getting Soviet ODMs out of Russia. the Ukraine, Belarus and other Post Soviet Republics are the best way to get them. Thanks for the information guys!!!

    :D Doc

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