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    Reference Materials on U.S. Medals Available

    I’ve been a collector of U.S. medals and a member of OMSA for almost 37 years. Over the decades, I’ve assembled a reference library of relevant articles and reference materials from many sources, such as the OMSA Medal Collector/Journal, Gleim’s Medal Letter, George Harris’ treatises (as published in his catalogs), etc. They are categorized by medal into manilla folders.

    I presently wish to give this collection of articles and references away. I do not, however, want to ship the box in which they are stored. I live in Pittsburgh, PA. Anyone who lives in the area or who will drive to Pittsburgh may have the complete package -– at no charge. Obviously there can be only a single taker. Anyone who lives near Pittsburgh will not be disappointed. Anyone who lives far away will have to consider the effort to drive to Pittsburgh.

    If the recipient feels guilty for not compensating me, bring me a nice cigar.

    My office phone number during weekday afternoons is 412-471-5859. My home phone number in the evenings and weekends is 412-371-5589.

    Howard S. Averbach
    OMSA member #2642

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