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    Are there guidelines for article submissions? I am planning on sending in my first article and would like to know the answers to the following questions:

    Is there a preferred file size limitation on images?
    Is there a preferred aspect ratio?
    If written in MS Word, if there a font size, character size, etc. preference?
    How are the images laid out in the Journal?

    Thank you,

    Kevin Beyer
    OMSA #7096




    The appropriate information is on the main pages of the website under Publications, The JOMSA Journal, JOMSA Author’s Guide.

    Or just go to:



    jomsa editor

    Kevin: John’s advice to look at the Author’s Guide is the first step anyone interested in authoring an article should take, but for the record below are answers to the questions you asked:

    1. All images for the need to be at publication size and at 300 dpi resolution. Images for single medals should be approximately 3.0 to 3.5 inches in width, with corresponding greater widths for additional medals. We are limited to about 6.4 inches width for images (the useable width of the page). It is better for the photo to be too large, rather than too small.

    2. The aspect ratio should be what ever the proportion of length and width are for the actual item.

    3. Times New Roman 11 is used for the text of articles. Captions are Times New Roman 10 bold italic.

    4. The is digitally prepared in ‘In Design’ which requires that the photos and text be inserted separately. Because of that the text should be submitted in MS Word without photos and the photos should be submitted as separate jpeg or tiff files.

    All of this information, and much more, can be found in the Author’s Guide.

    Please feel free to contact me by email or phone if you have further questions. My contact information can be found on the right side of the Table of Contents page of each issue of . I look forward to receiving your article.

    Regards, Dick Flory, Editor



    Thanks, Dick. I think my article should be completed in the next month, or two. For a first time author, I jumped in with both feet and wrote quite a lengthy one.



    jomsa editor

    Kevin: I look forward to receiving your article. Regards, Dick Flory

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