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    Hesse-Kassel Commemorative War Medal for 1814-15 campaigns
    (Kriegsdenkmünze für 1814/15)

    This medal was established by Elector of Hesse (Kurfürst von Hessen Wilhelm II) William II on the 14th March 1821 as a commemorative medal, when they fought back their independent with the allied forces from Napoleon Bonaparte’s Kingdom of Westphalia (1806-1813).
    The medal was awarded to the Hesse-Kassel (also known as “Kurhessen”) soldiers who fought during the period 1814-1815 other side of river Rhine.

    Interesting detail on this medal is different colour ball suspension, what is actually original period piece and not later replacement.

    The medal was made from captured French cannon; the edge is stamped “aus erobertem gescütz”.

    Nice and old award from the small German Confederation country, what exist only 1803-1866, when they became part as a province of Hesse-Nassau of the Kingdom of Prussia.


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