Victorian Era

Ashantee Medal with Coomassie Clasp to RN and RM

Many collectors describe the reverse of this medal which features bush fighting between British soldiers and Ashanti warriors as their favourite amongst the campaign medals issued during the Victorian period.                             The Coomassie clasp

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Massacre at Cawnpore

Most collectors of Indian Mutiny medals will agree that there was much brutality during this conflict and medals issued without a clasp provide some of the most interesting  and poignant stories. This brief blog relates to medals issued to members of the 32nd L.I. and 84th Foot

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The Kabul to Kandahar Star

Afghanistan was a trouble spot for Britain, especially during the Victorian era. Fears of Russian expansion into Afghanistan led to both the First and Second Afghan Wars. Both wars had an initially successful British occupation of Afghanistan and both wars also had later uprisings against the British

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Egypt medals to the RN with clasp for Gemaizah 1888

The Egypt medal was issued with 13 clasps covering engagements from 1882-1889 and the Royal Navy and Royal Marines played a part throughout the prolonged conflicts and earned all but the Toski 1889 clasp as a result. In this series of blogs about Victorian medals to the

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The Battle of Tofrek

The Battle of Tofrek was one of many actions undertaken by the British forces against the Mahdist forces in the Sudan. Originally the objective had been to relieve General Gordon in Khartoum but by January 1885 that city had fallen to the Mahdi’s army and Gordon had

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NZ Medals to the RN Part I

New Zealand medals were awarded for two distinctly separate groups of conflicts: The First War 1845-1847 and  The Second War 1860-1866 I intend to write about each in a separate blog and although this first blog will focus on the medals for the first war, an overview

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Victorian Bronze campaign medals

When thinking of British campaign medals, especially Victorian campaign medals, the medal was typically issued in silver to the officers and other ranks. From 1885 until the First World War medals were issued in both silver and bronze. While the silver medals were issued to the combatants

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Indian Mutiny Medals to Scottish Regiments

I recently asked a collector what his next acquisition was likely to be. He responded with ” I would like an interesting Indian Mutiny medal  preferably in a group or with a LSGC, what would you recommend?”  I knew he liked medals to Scottish Regiments and thought

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Using the 1881 Census to help determine the correct Naval Service Record

One of the great resources available to collectors of Victorian campaign medals to the Navy rests in a quick, easy and cost effective way of obtaining a Service Record. The Service Record provides a wealth of information : Date of Birth Place of Birth Ships Served Changes

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The clasps on the Queen’s South Africa Medal

The Anglo- Boer war 1899-1902 sometimes known and the 2nd Boer War was the last major conflict that occurred during Queen Victoria’s reign and the largest. The British and Commonwealth participants numbered in excess of 400,000. As a result, the medal is not uncommon and the wide

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