Victorian Era

Attributable Crimea medals with the Azoff clasp

A recent publication by OMRS entitled “By Order of her Majesty” co-authored by OMSA presenter and blogger William Pickering, deals at length with the manufacture and official naming of Crimea medals which at the time, presented a huge challenge for the Royal Mint and its subcontractors because

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The Abyssinia Medal (1867-1868) to the RN

The Medal This attractive medal sanctioned in March 1869 is possibly the most unusual British medal of the Victorian Era, its suspender consisting of an imperial crown and ring was never used again for a campaign medal and the embossed naming of the recipient is reminiscent of

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Collecting theme – changing direction

In an earlier blog, I mused about themes and how my appetite began and developed. As I expanded my Boer War collection  and tried to fill it out with representative medals to other regiments who served where the Gordons didn’t, I simultaneously began to acquire earlier medals

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What’s in a theme?

Most of the blogs on the OMSA site are educational in nature. I am not sure this one will be. This is more like a Merriam-Webster definition: Define blog: a Web site on which someone writes about personal opinions, activities, and experiences; I think one of the

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NZ Medals to the RN Part II

New Zealand medals were awarded for two distinctly separate groups of conflicts: The First War 1845-1847 and  The Second War 1860-1866 I created a blog last year focusing on the first war which can be accessed here and in this second blog, my focus is on the

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Researching an EDVII Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal – ADM188 series

How does one get interested in collecting medals, or anything else for that matter?  For me it may have been the simple fact that both my Grandfathers gave me their WWI groups, and somehow 55 years later I am still fascinated in the history of the Royal

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Impressed Baltic Medals

The Baltic theatre of the Crimean War took place in the Gulf of Finland near St. Petersburg, the Russian capital. The medal was awarded for services in the Baltic under Admiral Napier and Rear Admiral Dundas. The reverse of the medal is particularly attractive in my opinion

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QSA with Elandslaagte clasp

The battle of Elandslaagte took place on October 21, 1899 during the first two weeks of the war and before Ladysmith had been invested by the Boer Forces. Elandslaagte is a small village on the railway line between Ladysmith and Dundee in Natal and at the outbreak

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Two men, same name, couldn’t be more different

Many collectors avoid medals to men named to Smith, Williams, Jones or other common surnames. The rationale being that it’s much easier to research medals to men with unusual names. I found myself being delighted recently when I discovered an unusual middle name  existed for William A.

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The Ashantee medal to the RN and RM

In an earlier blog I wrote about the Ashantee medal with Coomassie clasp. The intent was to introduce a roll compiled by Captain Douglas- Morris and reproduced on the OMSA website. Since I have an interest in medal provenance I began collecting information on all the medals

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