Bavarian Gold Bravery Medal Recipient Georg Herrnreiter

It is interesting to discover the history behind the bestowal of an award whenever possible. Regarding the awards of German States this is not always possible, as most awards were not impressed nor engraved with the name of the recipient. However, documentation will sometimes lead to a

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Belgian Marks on a Prussian Star of the Red Eagle Order

Red Eagle Order Star 2nd Clas Center

The depicted star is a very special example of the Red Eagle Order. Besides its unusual marksmanship and beauty one will see on its revers in the center of the star body a double maker mark from B.Wolfers as well as an unidentified mark on the needle

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Awards to a Napoleonic-era Württemberg Officer

It isn’t often in one’s collecting career that something of almost unique significance is found. Most awards, although scarce, could conceivably be encountered again later at some point in the collector’s life. This pair of awards was recently sold by a coin dealer. One of the pieces

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The House Order of Hohenzollern during the Exile of Wilhlem II.

Eagle of Knights

Awarding the House Order of Hohenzollern in Exile based on the example of private secretary to the Crown Prince Wilhelm, Arthur Berg.

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