A Bavarian Bravery Medal Mystery

This grouping was previously offered by a Munich auction house in 2002. The items in the group consist of the Orden der Bayerischen Tapferkeitsmedaille identification card and medals of Adolf Fichtner. Adolf Fichtner was awarded the Silver Bavarian Bravery Medal for action at Verdun on March 29,

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Kingdom of Saxony – Swords on Ring

The attachment of the so called “Swords on Ring” to order decorations embodied in all cases a symbol for those that had been awarded decorations for merit in war and for bravery once being promoted to a higher grade of an order. Without this attribute, the sign

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An Officer’s Custom-made Bavarian Military Commemorative for 1813-1815

The Bavarian Military Commemorative for 1813, 1814, and 1815 (Militärdenkzeichen für 1813, 1814, und 1815) was founded on December 4, 1814 by King Maxmilian Joseph I. for all, “on the payroll of the mobilized army in the years 1813 and 1814, or who were recorded in only

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An Interesting Royal Bavarian 1st Jägerbataillon Photograph

This photograph is of a group of soldiers of the Royal Bavarian 1st Jägerbataillon (Königlich Bayerisches 1. Jägerbataillon “König”). The NCO who is seated and who is wearing his large medal bar appears to have been awarded the Bavarian Military Merit Medal (bayerische Militär-Verdienstmedaille), the Prussian Military

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French Manufacturer’s items related to the Bavarian Military Max Joseph Order

This group of unusual items was found in the archives of the now defunct French order and medal manufacturer M. Delande of Paris.  Although I am not certain of the exact years that Delande was in business, they were certainly in business during the first few decades

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The “Kampfwagenabzeichen” – How many are there?

captured British tank by the German Army

The Tank Badge was instituted by the Minister of Defence Otto Gessler on 13 Jul 1921 and laid down in the Heeres-Verordnungsblatt Nr. 41 of 15 July 1921. It was to be issued to veterans of World War I who qualified by being a crewman (commander, driver, gunner, loader,

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A Rare Anhalt-Köthen Medal for Civil Service

The Anhalt-Köthen Medal for Merit, Attachment and Loyalty was founded by Duke Heinrich of Anhalt-Köthen (reigned from 1830 to 1847), in the year 1835, for outstanding merit of subaltern officials. After the founding of the House Order of Albert the Bear, and its Merit Medal, in the

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Bavarian Gold Bravery Medal Recipient Georg Herrnreiter

It is interesting to discover the history behind the bestowal of an award whenever possible. Regarding the awards of German States this is not always possible, as most awards were not impressed nor engraved with the name of the recipient. However, documentation will sometimes lead to a

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Belgian Marks on a Prussian Star of the Red Eagle Order

Red Eagle Order Star 2nd Clas Center

The depicted star is a very special example of the Red Eagle Order. Besides its unusual marksmanship and beauty one will see on its revers in the center of the star body a double maker mark from B.Wolfers as well as an unidentified mark on the needle

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Awards to a Napoleonic-era Württemberg Officer

It isn’t often in one’s collecting career that something of almost unique significance is found. Most awards, although scarce, could conceivably be encountered again later at some point in the collector’s life. This pair of awards was recently sold by a coin dealer. One of the pieces

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