Military Merit Cross, First Issue 1849

On this occasion, I thought I would continue our discussion of the Military Merit Cross by describing the first issue of the cross in detail. This is another example of the kinds of discussions we can have and will provide a chance to share information on this

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One Man, Two Unique Decorations

One of the things I enjoy most in conducting my research on the awards of the Austro-Hungarian Empire is discovering a small fragment of information that leads me on a wonderful intellectual adventure. In this blog I am going to provide an example of a fascinating fact

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Five Military Merit Crosses that Never Were

So let’s start sharing information on the Orders, Medals and Decorations of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. For the next several blogs I will be sharing information about Austro-Hungarian awards that I hope you will find interesting in their own right but which I am also using to illustrate

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Welcome to the Austro-Hungarian Blog

When I first started collecting the awards of the Austro-Hungarian Empire more than 50 years ago I could not find any reference materials on the subject to help in my collecting efforts. Imagine having no way of knowing, with any certainty, if an item was in fact

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