NZ Medals to the RN Part II

New Zealand medals were awarded for two distinctly separate groups of conflicts: The First War 1845-1847 and  The Second War 1860-1866 I created a blog last year focusing on the first war which can be accessed here and in this second blog, my focus is on the

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Mr. Boulton and his Naval Medals

  This blog will be a little bit different than my usual musings. I have just finished reading a new book by Sim Comfort, Matthew Boulton’s Naval Medals, it is a most interesting read, and I feel compelled to draw attention to it. Sim Comfort, an American

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Red Cross Merit Medals Part I

Introduction: This decoration is particularly interesting in that it could be awarded for two entirely different reasons. Those decorations issued with the addition of the war decoration were issued for meritorious service, in time of war, not warranting the award of the Red Cross Honor Decoration, second

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Applying Proof Marks

WW 938

The application of proof marks to orders, medals and decorations was in most cases mandatory and required by law. Proof marks were applied to decorations during the manufacturing process. However, were they applied before or after the enameling process? Most of us collectors know that some countries

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Researching an EDVII Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal – ADM188 series

How does one get interested in collecting medals, or anything else for that matter?  For me it may have been the simple fact that both my Grandfathers gave me their WWI groups, and somehow 55 years later I am still fascinated in the history of the Royal

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Red Cross Decoration, Part IV

Introduction: In this blog I am going to discuss the Red Cross Decoration (Ehrenzeichen vom Roten Kreuz), second class with and without war decoration in some detail. Readers may wish to review the previous blogs I have published on the Red Cross Merit Star, Red Cross Decoration

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Alabama Phenix City Civil Disturbance Medal

Phenix City, Alabama, had always been a frontier sort of town. Just across the Chattahoochee River from Columbus, Georgia, and Fort Benning, it had been the home of bars, gambling dens and brothels until one night in 1954. That night brought out the National Guard to clear

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Impressed Baltic Medals

The Baltic theatre of the Crimean War took place in the Gulf of Finland near St. Petersburg, the Russian capital. The medal was awarded for services in the Baltic under Admiral Napier and Rear Admiral Dundas. The reverse of the medal is particularly attractive in my opinion

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The Neerwinden Medal

Introduction: In this blog I am going to discuss the Nerwinden Medal (Neerwinden Medaille). This medal was issued during the reign of Franz II as a reward for officers under the command of Field Marshall and Prince Friedrich Josaias of Sax-Coberg who defeated the French under the

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Prussian General-Major Heinrich Simon Eduard von Valentini

Heinrich Simon Eduard von Valenti was born on October 4, 1818 at Eulenberg bei Neu-Stettin.  On August 18, 1836 he was commissioned as a Seconde-Lieutenant in the 14th Infantry Regiment.       On July 18, 1851 he was promoted to Premier-Lieutenant, on February 5, 1855 he was

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