The Siege Of Wepener, April 1900

When I think of the sieges that took place during the Anglo- Boer War, I am reminded that Wepener gets included with the big three (Ladysmith, Kimberley and Mafeking) by some. I can see the similarities but the siege which lasted 16 days was more a besiegement

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Merit Medal for Royal and Imperial Military Doctors and Regimental Surgeons

  Introduction: In 1785 Emperor Joseph II established the Merit Medal for Royal and Imperial Military Doctors and Regimental Surgeons (Verdienstmedaille für  K.K. Militärarzte und Regimentschirurgen). This was the first medal in Austrian history to be established specifically as an award to the physicians and surgeons who

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An Interesting Royal Bavarian 1st Jägerbataillon Photograph

This photograph is of a group of soldiers of the Royal Bavarian 1st Jägerbataillon (Königlich Bayerisches 1. Jägerbataillon “König”). The NCO who is seated and who is wearing his large medal bar appears to have been awarded the Bavarian Military Merit Medal (bayerische Militär-Verdienstmedaille), the Prussian Military

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The 1815 Reorganization of the Order of the Bath – Part 1

In my previous blog entitled Knight Companions of the Bath (K.B.), I described how the establishment of this order in 1725 helped create a whole new class of “political favors” available to the Crown, thus an expedient solution in staving off of an increased demand for limited

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Attachments, an interesting story of embellishment, part IV

Introduction: In this blog which is the fourth part of the series on attachments I will review the multiple award bar attachments. You may wish to view the first three blogs in this series before proceeding so that you can have the multiple award attachments in their

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Double Relief

During the Victorian era, there were many sieges, some small, some large, some lasting several days and others many months. Not all sieges resulted in medals or clasps to medals and the details of the defence or relief or a particular town or fort might best be

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RN Wide suspender Long Service Good Conduct medal 1847-1875 – EXTANT list

The Naval Long Service Medals by Kenneth Douglas-Morris originally published in 1991 contained a partial list of all recipients of the Wide suspender Long Service and Good Conduct medal.  This list was based on reviewing thousands of individual RN service records in the ADM29, ADM139, and ADM188

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Military Merit Cross, Third Class

In this blog I am going to discuss the Military Merit Cross, third class in some detail. Readers may wish to review the previous blogs I have published on the Military Merit Cross prior to reading this one. The previous blog titles are: Five Military Merit Crosses

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Connecticut Medal of Valor

Connecticut Medal of Valor Established in 1955, the Connecticut Medal of Valor is the state’s highest award for military heroism in the performance of duty in state emergency operations. The criteria specify that the act be “conspicuous gallantry, at the risk of life, above and beyond the

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Researching the Wide suspender Long Service Good Conduct medal 1847-1875

Collecting Victorian Royal Naval medals has been a serious passion of mine for over 30+ years.  It is therefore my desire and goal to pass along the wealth of knowledge that I have acquired and to show new collectors the ins and outs of researching such medals. 

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