Franz Joseph Bravery Medal, 1849-1859

Introduction: In this blog I am going to discuss the Bravery Medal (Tapferkeitsmedaille) that was issued in 1849 with the image of Franz Joseph on the obverse. The Bravery Medal as a decoration had existed since it was first established by Joseph II in 1789. The first

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New Book

  Walter Kinast: Der Tapferkeit.  Die Königlich-Bayerische Militär-Verdienst-Medaille im deutsch-französischen Krieg 1870/71.  Taten-und Ehrenbuch.  Dekorierte der nach Frankreich ausmarschierten bayerischen Armee.  (For Bravery.  The Royal Bavarian Military Merit Medal in the German-French War 1870/71.  Deeds and Honor Book.  The Decorated of the Bavarian Army who Marched to

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Jeweled Austrian Awards Part I

In the history of the Austro-Hungarian Empire there were 11 awards that were issued in jeweled versions. Seven of these awards were authorized by statute, three were awarded at the direction of the emperor even though there was no statutory provision for them and one was issued

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The German Eagle Order – 1st Type: Part II

Deschler made German Eagle Order

Not much has been published in conjunction with the German Eagle Order. Especially the fist type and design has not received too much attention. Authors trying to tackle this very interesting topic have speculated on who the manufacturer of the very first type was. Joerg Nimmergut writes

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Bravery Medal, 1839-1849

Introduction: In this blog I am going to discuss the 1839-1849 Bravery Medal (Tapferkeitsmedaille). These were the ninth – eleventh medals issued by the Austrian Empire specifically as a bravery medal. In previous blogs I have described the evolution of the bravery medal from the first one

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Attributable Crimea medals with the Azoff clasp

A recent publication by OMRS entitled “By Order of her Majesty” co-authored by OMSA presenter and blogger William Pickering, deals at length with the manufacture and official naming of Crimea medals which at the time, presented a huge challenge for the Royal Mint and its subcontractors because

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Bravery Medal, 1810-1839

Introduction: In this blog I am going to discuss the 1810-1839 Bravery Medal (Tapferkeitsmedaille). These were the seventh and eighth medals issued by the Austrian Empire specifically as a bravery medal and the first to be called a Bravery Medal. In previous blogs I have started this

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Bavarian Gold Bravery Medal Recipient Ludwig Schefthaller

The type of Bavarian Bravery Medal citation shown below detailed the actions of a soldier who was awarded the Gold Bavarian Bravery Medal.  This type of document was issued as a companion document to the official award document (Verleihungs-Urkunde).  The document was a pre-printed single page and the particulars

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A medal group that I wish I owned!

Each of us has at least one medal group that we wish we could add to our collection, but probably will never find.  The article below which I published in the Journal of the Royal Artillery some years ago describes the group that I wish  I owned

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Tyrolean 1797 Commemoration and Merit Decoration

Introduction: In this blog I am going to discuss the Tyrolean Commemoration and Merit Decoration (Tiroler Errinerungs und Verdienstdekoration). This decoration was issued by Emperor Franz II in 1797 to reward those Tirolean’s who took up arms in support of the Austrian army and who displayed exceptional

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